Welcome to Metrospective Communications.  Think of us as the break in the clouds when searching for public relations solutions.

We’ve often been asked about the origin of our name and the concept Metrospective.  After years of experience and success in public relations, we felt some of the industry could be a bit, well, uninspired.  We knew we had a different view of the world, one that had served many clients very well.  So we created Metrospective to offer the best thinking, sound strategy and creative alternatives.  A city perspective, if you will.  Proactive, upbeat and inventive.  But way beyond the city, a view that is truly limitless. 

Metrospective will never categorize or compartmentalize you or your organization. Our view is alive with promise and possibilities… just like that break in the clouds.  We can see progressive promotional ideas for miles, especially ones that are based in proven technique, combined with originality, and supportive of your business goals.

Welcome again to Metrospective.  We’d like to share our New View in Public Relations with you.

Please read on about us.  We look forward to learning about you too.

Founding Member of PR Boutiques International (TM)